Happy Heirloom

My wife was doing a spot of home baking today as she does frequently, often inspired by my demand for more cake. I hasten to add that I only make such requests and drop hints once the tin is empty! Like many, Claire has embraced the joy of baking in recent months after being encouraged by the folks on telly. With her new found pleasure being evident I made the brave move of buying her some rather posh digital scales at Christmas. After realising I was fortunate that my marriage survived giving such a gift, I noticed my wife had the scales displayed proudly on her baking worktop in our kitchen. It was only today I became aware that they are just an ornament. Claire has confessed that although she loves her new addition to her baking paraphernalia she actually prefers using my late mother's old plastic scales. I was secretly chuffed that Claire is so fond of the old device. I recall my mother buying them in the early 70's and using them to create many lovely treats during my childhood. Having lost mum in January I've been going through many of her items and deciding which things I'd like to keep. There's no doubt the old plastic scales now sit close to the top of that list.

Day Off - Tiswas-tastic

Friday is my day off. When I say 'day off',  it's more often just a day without broadcasting commitments. Often there's work or some sort of business to be dealt with. Contrary to what many may think of us 'disc jockeys' I am not lazy or work shy.

I've always tried to give 100% and total commitment to what I do in life but surprisingly,  professionally there have been times when I've been told to do less or a just not commit as much effort to what I do. To me, this is an unthinkable philosophy and it has always angered me. Today has not been a day for relaxing as I had a rather important business lunch with my agent. It sounds very showbiz but it's not really. He takes care of my career; seeking out opportunities, negotiating and protecting me from nasty stuff and folks of a similar nature. Aside from business Paul has a wealth of experience in television and radio and over 40 years has worked with many famous names, consequently he's never short of an amusing or enlightening tale. These are always entertaining especially when there's a Tiswas story. You see, Paul is also Chris Tarrant's manager and for a bloke of my age an insight into life amongst the buckets of water & custard pies is captivating. I would tell you more but I've got to dash. Have a fun weekend.


I was due to take Saturday off from my show at Smooth Radio as my wife was set to have a get together with a few girlfriends,  unfortunately our plans fell apart this morning when our daughter fell ill. I've heard,  "there's a lot of it around" more times than I can recall today. With our daughter's sickness & the ensuing visit to the doctor we suddenly forgot about all the other commitments & plans we had for the weekend. There were folks to see, chores on the list & other stuff that really needed sorting but it's all unimportant now. That's what being a parent does. I often hear folks saying that kids shouldn't change your character or the way you live your life. I whole heartedly disagree. Why would you want children if they weren't going to have a considerable impact on your life and change your priorities and focus. My priority is our daughter. She is the most important thing in my life and in my opinion it's the way it should be. Maybe I'm just a product of my parents and the way they were with me. My dad always made me feel so very special and I hope Martha will always feel the same.

Snap Happy

Are you camera shy?

It’s tough these days if you’re not keen on having your picture taken as almost everyone has a camera on their mobile phone and many of us seem to get perverse pleasure out of taking less than flattering photos of others in a sorry state. I bet you’re guilty of it. We all are! We can’t resist taking shots of oddities, amusing things and a firm favourite; shots of folks in compromising poses. They don’t necessarily happen on wild nights when possibly alcohol induced antics occur. You can be at work or just going about your everyday business and there’s every chance a camera lens will capture you at the most inappropriate time.

I have an issue with my wife. She loves taking pictures. She fills her Facebook pages with stuff. So many are of our beautiful daughter and I confess, Claire has captured some tremendous images of Martha. However, she finds it highly amusing to take pictures of me, or us as a couple when we are looking a little comical to say the least. They are very amusing, but I am concerned that our family album will leave our daughter scarred for life when she’s a little older. You know we’ve all been there; but at least years ago, long before digital photography our parents would be sensible with their snapping, knowing that developing those rolls of film would be costly. So when we’d flick through the prints in the envelope we’d be embarrassed by fashion, or lack of it. We’d be amused by the odd stuff that often found its way into the frame and so often there would be a few shots that gave the impression the shutter was closed accidentally.

We, like most have the most ridiculously large collection of digital pictures from phones and cameras and because we know there’s no financial penalty for filling that memory card we are tempted to take a greater selection of silly shots for our amusement. Consequently I am expecting our daughter to disown us if we ever show any of our pictures to her friends and boyfriends in the years ahead.

Excess Easter

Let’s make a pact. Come on, I consider us pals and I think if we adopt the same attitude we’ll feel better about what will occur over the weekend.I confess I have already started eating my Easter eggs. I am guilty of not abiding by traditional dates and convention. It was mid-afternoon, I was peckish and a couple of eggs were placed on my desk – what was I to do? It’s the same with hot crossed buns. They are just too tasty to procrastinate. Don’t sit there feeling guilty or allowing others to make you feel remorseful, let my confession liberate you. It’s the same with other worrying issues presented by a Bank Holiday weekend. I intend to do nothing over the weekend. No DIY!!! (this is a relief for my wife, as it always results in us having to ‘get a man in’ to repair the damage I have done) There will be no car washing or gardening as I’ve ensured we have a busy social diary.

I’d rather spend the extra family time over the Bank Holiday weekend eating, drinking and conversing than working harder than when I’m at work!! Isn’t that a recurring problem with Bank Holidays? You have extra days off, only to go back to work shattered from excessive stress and exertion at home.