My cousin was sorting through some of my Aunt’s possessions yesterday & this newspaper cutting fell from some paperwork. Made me feel a bit emotional. Bless them, after 15 years of being told they couldn’t have children. carlosradioguy photo

I’ve checked... it’s true! it’s just me, you & another 10 Songs In A Row on @heart70s Breakfast right now! Stevie Wonder, Andrew Gold, Elton, Donna Summer all playing plus gossip, showbiz stuff, a worrying survey, news & travel. Join us #DAB 📻 🗣”Play Heart 70s” @GlobalPlayer carlosradioguy photo

Who is responsible for gantry signs on the M3?! Yet again this morning a 40mph limit and warning of lane closures and workforce in the road for a few miles, yet neither true. All restrictions lifted at the M25 and not a cone or person in sight. 😡

Just the perfect afternoon @NTCorfeCastle with Martha & George letting their teddies zipwire from the castle & doing a spot of construction, and I appropriately secured Claire so we could enjoy some magnificent views of the passing @SwanRailway locos 😉 carlosradioguy photo

OMG... rail geeks, especially those of us for whom the growl and aroma of an awesome diesel loco always takes us back to our childhood in the 70s, look at this!!! Drive a #Deltic on the @SwanRailway It doesn't get much better than that.

I'm playing the VERY best 70s tunes to start Thursday @heart70s with The Isleys, The Bee Gees, ELO & Elton soon and for those of us who loved the 70s I suspect we either owned one of these or longed for one! I might have to pop along later.....
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Poole Museums @PooleMuseum
Did you know the original lava lamp was invented in Poole?
To celebrate Light Up Poole 2020, Mathmos have installed a lava lamp selfie wall, a trail and a lounge around Poole Museum! #lavalamp #mathmoslavalamp #mathmos #lightuppoole @ace_southwest @Mathmos @LightUpPoole