With my @BBCRadioSolent pal @AndrewWrightUK and we were hoping to get a date with @peppapig @PaultonsPark .... but they’re closed 🙁 .... good excuse for a beverage (or three) at The Mortimer Arms instead. Andy’s BBC expenses may be a little more hefty this month. #NewForest https://t.co/JouKlBGkt6 carlosradioguy photo

Damaging my hearing a little more 😕 My amazing @sonyproeurope cans are UP LOUD with the O’Jays, Andrew Gold, T-Rex soon. Join me now @heart70s as I’m playing another 12 IN A ROW & all feelgood classics from the 70s. Always feel the ‘Professional’ label is inappropriate 😂 https://t.co/l9T5TGmU4d carlosradioguy photo

OMG the @GWRHelp service into Paddington this morning is so toasty. So appreciated after the trek from the car park Brrrrrr it’s a chilly one in West London. See you from 6 with some tunes to warm you up @heart70s https://t.co/p7HUw0oNeN carlosradioguy photo

Great memories from Geoff. In my early teens my late parents would take me to the 2CR studios in Southcote Rd. I’d grab stickers & hope to meet the DJs. I have a few cassette recordings of Geoff’s shows too 😊 #inspiration https://t.co/9aRs8iyXWC

Walking back to Bournemouth and it’s Quiz Time!!!! Which famous person once lived here? We followed him around Bournemouth in his Rolls Royce back in the early 80s. 😂 https://t.co/eGOhDSHznB carlosradioguy photo