5.50am & I’m busy doing show prep! Just when the team @heart70s think they’ve seen it all I surprise/shock/scare them again! What’s more frightening? The nail filing or my shirt? 😎 whilst loving the tunes this morning probably best not to picture this😂 https://t.co/jUaYcrYrzD https://t.co/sLvdNexm40 carlosradioguy photo

Left the studio in Leicester Sq allowing sufficient time to walk down Whitehall. Stood here (at Downing St) at 11 to observe the silence to mark #ArmisticeDay Since childhood I’ve always acknowledged this & #RemembranceSunday . At 52 this is the most moving occasion for me. https://t.co/nY1CX4QNYO carlosradioguy photo

Monday already proving a bit tough? Get @heart70s playing now. I’d love you to be with & I’m lining up some belters with @halloates @RollingStones Curtis Mayfield & The O’Jays all playing SOON! https://t.co/jUaYcrYrzD @GlobalPlayer #70s https://t.co/saMMUx6h9x carlosradioguy photo

Well that’s a great start to Monday. Jump from the car...straight into a huge puddle. Now going to sit on the tube looking like I’ve wet myself. Combination of light jeans with extensive dark splashes from the crotch to my ankles is not at all conspicuous 🙄 https://t.co/xpqR2DSOS0 carlosradioguy photo

First time this winter we’ve fired up the wood burner. George loves loading it with Daddy and we all love the glow and warmth on such a chilly night. So cosy....I’ll make the most of it before my early bedtime @heart70s breakfast in the morning from 6. Can’t wait 👍🏻 https://t.co/Y9WXRreDvK carlosradioguy photo

Always love helping Martha and George with homework especially when we have tricky numerical challenges. Now we're done time to enjoy the unbroken sunshine with a Sunday walk and some playground action. I LOVE Sunday. Hope you have a great day whatever is planned.