It’s that time… (sure you do the same) grab the first brew of the day, get all the gossip😳 (& face MORE ridicule for STILL wearing shorts)… then the workday starts!

I can multitask! So I’ll sort the best feelgood tunes for you on @heart70s to start your day. Happy Monday🤞🏻
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Right now with my clan, cycling back to Sandbanks. 8 miles along the sun drenched seafront. ❤️ this coastline so much. carlosradioguy photo

My train mad lad is loving @ELRailway …. and providing sound fx ❤️ Great afternoon of small steamies!

Happy 48th Birthday to the station that changed the radio landscape, inspired so many and was home to so many of the UK's best broadcasters. @CapitalOfficial also had some awesome jingles. I still frequently hum this one 😊

I’ve just enough coffee to get me through the show (or at least a couple of hours😜) & some T Rex, Rose Royce, Tavares & my favourite MJ track. PLUS Halloween help, the 70s mad young couple who’ve done something mad & a warning with doorbell cameras! All with me now @heart70s carlosradioguy photo

Reckon Neil refers to 23 August 2019…. as Claire, Martha & George got steamed up on the overbridge at Hinton Admiral as the magnificent A4 thundered thru the New Forest. ❤️
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🎧 Neil Sackley 📻 @djneilsackley
@carlosradioguy @Joannemalin7 @eastlancsrly Oh wow!! Great weather & atmosphere there today. Sadly Union isn’t running anymore. Glad I got to see her thundering through Eastleigh a couple of years ago