Never seen our son so happy on his birthday. The little man is 7 today.He’s said several times that this is one of the BEST presents ever.... as parents, we’re delighted.

In bed after a whole day of unpacking & trying desperately to find stuff we’ve already lost during our big move.

I did have a good excuse for a tea break earlier as I enjoyed just a couple of the abundance of new home gifts from our dear friends Laura & @roymartin How apt😎
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Last night in our home of 10 years. The first place we bought together, where we brought our babies home & where my dear mother spent her last Christmas. The place will always be special, much more than just a house & whenever I’m back in this neck of the woods it’ll be emotional

Today’s house move find. Locked away for 10 years.... in my collection for nigh on 40!

Of course I never used these vintage Alfasound jingles on air 😕
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Three hours on @CrossCountryUK train tonight. Not one single ticket check. Several people without masks and no sign of any staff.... with the exception of lovely Donna providing a first class catering service.

Really hectic day today. A bit mad (made more so by ANOTHER @ecotricity charger not working - Warwick Services southbound guys!) but a @McDonalds feast & a catch up with my pal @roymartin in the New Forest tonight made things a whole lot better.