With the sad news of Rik Ocasek’s passing just had to play this on my breakfast show @heart70s this morning. What a songwriter. Loved so many of The Cars’ tracks #RIPRicOcasek https://t.co/ajMLYGcAvm

It’s Monday. I’ve only had 4 hours sleep & endured a Sunday of grey cloud with rain ALL DAY, but I’m so happy because I’m lining up so many fab tunes to start your day @heart70s Soon M, Free, Barry Manilow, ELO, The Whispers Join me across the UK on DAB or https://t.co/jUaYcrYrzD https://t.co/HdLM9ernrd carlosradioguy photo

We picked two big tubs of blackberries down our lane this week so this morning the kitchen opened before 7 and Martha & George are creating Blackberry Smoothies! (don’t tell Claire- but we may have augmented them with a little ice cream 😉) https://t.co/vf43rh8C5C carlosradioguy photo

So lucky. My lovely in-laws have just popped by and they’ve brought me a personal chocolate train to celebrate my new role @heart70s Had to get a photo as it won’t be around for long. https://t.co/kDx7b3Wrw3 carlosradioguy photo

Oh I do. Frequently. https://t.co/CH3qwpxHrs
carlosradioguy photo
West Bay UK @westbayuk
If you're missing West Bay, this is how it looked earlier this evening. https://t.co/xL93fEcDUT

I announced the big day a little earlier on
@heart70s PLEASE get involved and be part of a brilliant event with lots of fun and some awesome prizes to be won! https://t.co/mO6O8TybtF
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