Thanks @BBCSouthNews for the beautiful piece on @gemma_brunton & her gorgeous photographs. So refreshing to see some positive images from this period. Love your work Gemma. My wife & I have enjoyed so many similar special moments with our young children because of lockdown.

What a speech. Even I’m feeling a sense of unity, optimism and relief. God Bless America. The world feels a better place with you @JoeBiden @POTUS 🇺🇸

When it comes to Old Skool I’m your man.... classic Sheaffer in hand, Post-It Notes in abundance and some top tunes from the best decade of music playing now @heart70s

Get us on for Clout, Andrew Gold & ABBA all on before 10.

#DAB 📻 🗣”play Heart 70s” @GlobalPlayer
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Just before bed, a reminder of a refreshing new dawn from one of America’s greatest journalists. Dan has reported on so many occupants of the Oval Office since his days at Political Corespondent to the White House in 64.

Hey #EvieSwire you’re a star! What an achievement and congratulations on your campaign. @LymeOnlineUK @LymeRegisMuseum @goDorset

Day 2 on George’s first big bike. On his 24” rims he was pretty confident heading along the Castleman Trailway this afternoon. Seriously loves pretending to be an express heading to Bournemouth West. I shout out answers to questions about Beeching, stations & locos. LOVE IT.