Be thankful #DominicCummngs isn’t running the railways with this punctuality... thought the conference was at 4?

Post show lunch on our patio.

Facing due south, not a cloud in the sky and we’re doing okay for warmth.

Love it 😎
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‘Working’ on a Bank Holiday ain’t so bad when I can enjoy my first coffee of the day sat in the sun outside our place, just a minute from the mic 😎...
& after 8 @heart70s I’m playing ABBA, Donna Summer, T-Rex, Blondie & more 70s anthems. #DAB 📻 🗣”play Heart 70s” @GlobalPlayer
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Just tidying some garage bits after a grass cutting / bike repairing / garden sorting Sunday and I just thought.... I suspect some fellow ‘anorak’ would be envious of the embellishment to my garage filing cabinet. carlosradioguy photo

Just listened to my former boss @radioriley chat to @DavidLloydRADIO about his fascinating life in radio. Good to hear the background to his launch & growth of @thisisheart such a huge & pleasurable part of my life over 23 years ago & now.

I’m at it again. @BBCFOUR with the Top Of The Pops Story of 78. Bloody brilliant. Siouxsie & The Banshees Hong Kong Garden, Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love, Legs & Co and so many memories of being glued to show, every week, wanting to be one of those hosting DJs.