Martha George & I persuaded Claire to forget Sunday dinner so we’ve left the beach at Sandbanks & grabbed some fish & chips at the bottom of Evening Hill, Lilliput. Always think of @tonyblackburn when sat in this location, with the view across to Brownsea Island. Gorgeous. carlosradioguy photo

First paddle of the year. Sandbanks on a Sunday afternoon in the sunshine.

Thank You God for the simple pleasures I cherish.
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How I loved hearing these locos approach Wootton Bassett as a kid. I'd sit watching at the site of the old station mesmerised by them and loving the aroma of that diesel. Mind you those were the days that summer meant the rather lovely smell of creosote on fences everywhere.

A Taste of Honey, some Dolly Parton, T-Rex, Bowie, Bee Gees, O’Jays & more with me thru ‘til noon.

You know they’ll put you in a great mood to start the weekend!

@heart70s #DAB 📻 🗣”play Heart 70s” @GlobalPlayer
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“Why do you love living in Dorset so much?” I’m often asked.

Over to lovely Ed.... (Mudeford’s all season celebrity all swimmer)

Lovely to see @TheNoisyLobster vibrant and so many folks enjoying Avon Beach on this fabulous Friday evening on the Dorset coast. carlosradioguy photo