Having paid a premium for my @AvantiWestCoast ticket from New St to Euston we’ve spent almost the whole journey crawling along. No announcement as to why or an apology. Can’t even get a brew as ‘card not accepted’ AGAIN 😡 Third time in a week.

Hey @AvantiWestCoast I’m confused why until you took over the WCML I could locate advance tickets at affordable prices but now they seem few. Tickets often HALF price for a return compared to single on the same trains?! Looking ahead to book more seats this week; same situation. https://t.co/Qdfv65wU4i carlosradioguy photo

What a wonderful message from a truly lovely man. Every morning he makes me smile. Happy Birthday Toby hope you’re having a great day. See you Monday. C x https://t.co/EsAIDRzAF3
carlosradioguy photo
Toby Anstis @tobyanstis
It’s our birthday🥳🥳Kate, you are the most special person, a shining star, a “super” mum, the most beautiful soul, the best sister in the world, always there for you, have a wonderful day, love you more than anything!
💜💜💜 #twins #birthday https://t.co/3ZLaw6jTSM

Having done some Christmas visits to our lovely relatives Martha & George so excited by the considerable snowfall across the lower Peak District near Buxton. It’s gone 8 and they just wanted me to keep driving. Snowman tomorrow https://t.co/ktcZbVUC7e carlosradioguy photo

Rail users be warned. I make many trips a week between London & the North West. Use the apps & know all about tricks. But look at this RIDICULOUS situation regarding a journey I may be making tomorrow. The top is a RETURN ticket but the lower is SINGLE - same train https://t.co/65sV2QoAnz carlosradioguy photo

...... and now that time when @CBeebiesHQ is getting more attention than Daddy ...... time for my shower then 🙄 https://t.co/SuMS6c3ncW carlosradioguy photo